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Overhaul of Jury System Coming in July
Posted on 6/14/2012 3:15:03 PM

A major overhaul of Georgia’s jury system is coming in July and, according to Stacy K. Haralson, Clerk of Superior Court of Harris County, one of the biggest changes will be expansion of the local jury pool to include every citizen who is legally eligible for jury service.

     “I want to get the word out to every resident of Harris County who is 18 years of age or older that, on and after July 1, they are apt to be summoned for jury duty.  Because we will be using new jury lists that do not reflect all historical information about jurors and their service record, persons who have been permanently excused from jury service for medical and other legal reasons may be inadvertently summoned for jury duty.  We hope everyone will be patient with us during this transitional period.  My staff and I will do everything we can to prevent problems from happening but I can not promise that errors won’t occur.  A call to my staff or me is all that is necessary for us to begin corrective measures,” Haralson explained.


            Haralson, who has served as Clerk of the Superior Court of Harris County for 2 four-year terms of office, is also required by law to serve as the clerk of the county’s jury commission.  After July 1, the role of the jury commission will be ultimately to approve jurors’ requests for permanent excusal from jury service.  By law, those reasons include death, non-residency and permanent medical and/or mental infirmaries attested to by a medical doctor and/or psychologist or psychiatrist.  Persons who are convicted felons and who have not had their civil rights restored are automatically disqualified from jury service.